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    Dermatology & Internal Medicine
​     Kuriyama Clinic

Dermatology and internal medicine are not far apart in medical field.I associate and treat knowledge of dermatology and internal medicine.​

I've been a doctor for over 20years, working on as a dermatologist and physician.

There are more than 18 years of treatment in Kashima Central Clinic and in the same group clinics.

I`ll provide a wide range of medical treatment from children to the elderly.

We are pleased to provide you with the medical care you need.


General Dermatology・

BeautyDermatology(various lasertreatment)・Alopecia(Self-dispensing)

Tattoo removal(Raser treatment)

Internal Medicine(Thyroid・Diabetes・Other adult disease)

​Open hours

Genshin Kuriyama,MD.,PhD.

・Guraduate  the Jikei University of         Medicine

・Completed doctral Program


・Doctor of Medicine

​・Member of the Japan Beauty               Dermatology

・Certified Specialist of Japan   

   Endocrine Society

・Japan Medical Association

   certified physician